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K Project - Fushimi Saruhiko Costume

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Product Details

The concerned character is Fushimi Saruhiko of the new Anime "K", also called "K Project", "K Anime" or "KK".This costume is tailor made costume.
This Fushimi Saruhiko Costume includes White Shirt,Coat,Pants,Wristers,Vest.
Additional description of the components:
1.The Coat:Can be slightly lighter in color than in pictures. We won't take too flashy colors for it or the purple parts of the collar and sleeves.The inside of the coat is supposed to be purple. That white border wouldn't be too wide but noticeable from farer distance. ( not too wide, not too narrow )
2.The Pants are darker than the coat an really shouldn't stand out too much.
3.The wristers:Same condition,We won't take a too bright color but a darker vine red.
4.The vest:It will be out of a common grey color rather than a blue-greyish one. The buttons are darker (a very dark grey/black)

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Customer Reviews:

by Jonathan Gonzalez
Date Added: 02/06/2013
I get into this website i was surprise to see this cosplay was available and really cheap compere to other website,ask questions and i got a amazing customer service they help me place the order and wow the shipping was so fast ,the quality of the cosplay was beyond my expectation i surely buy in the future more from here
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]


Product was added to Cosplay Commission on Wednesday 07 November, 2012.

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