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Neon Genesis Evangelion Ayanami Rei Cosplay Wig

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Product Details

Material: High-Quality Japan kasi
Cap Size: Fits average headsize
Shipping Weight: 0.26 -0.50KG
Tips for Wigs Caring
1.Try not to close to the high temperature, because the relationship between materials, wig is not high temperature.
2.Wigs can not be stained, if necessary pruning can ask the professional hair stylist to cut.
3.Wig usually 1-2 months wash, but is mainly based on the time you wear to the decision.
4.Use Cold or warm water, when washing with normal shampoo that can be OK.
5.Don't? let the wig use hair dryer like hot wind dry, apply dry towel dry the excess water in a wig to ventilation to avoid direct sunlight damage to the wig.
6.Do not comb if it's wet, should be done after the dry.
7.Use of special combs wig comb (steel or iron comb comb better) can not use plastic comb.
8.Curls needn't use comb, just use your fingers comb? when you want wear it.
9.If a wig with long time, not to combing it easily, not tied to pull hard, it should be sprayed with non-oil private wig maintenance solution, and then slowly opened carefully Geography.
10.Be careful not to spray the wig on the philosophy of water, wax like real hair styling agent that makes use of wigs become sticky.
11.Exclusive use of non-oily wig maintenance solution is simple to use: Spray lightly to bring before the wig on a few) make a wig to become compliant light and prevent static electricity, so wigs kept moist state Like just bought the same time!
12.Wig can tied up,? just can not bar too high, or the following will be running out his own real hair.
13.long wig to combing,? from the bottom up, be sure to light, be patient.
14.A small amount of hair loss is normal.
15.Usually if you not wear, you should put the wigs into the original packaging, when you want, you just need shaken, then it come back to original look.

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Product was added to Cosplay Wigs on Friday 11 March, 2011.

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